Hasbro’s First Ever Digital Beyblade Burst Championship

In the past there have been live tournaments on stage but this year, Hasbro has decided to do something new by taking the Beyblade Burst Championship online. Yes! Hasbro’s first ever digital beyblade burst championship is coming up soon and we are super excited because like I mentioned before…we are huge beyblade fans in my household!

Keep reading and I’ll break it all down for you right here!

To make this happen, Hasbro teamed up with ADK Emotions NY Inc. to choose Beybladers that will compete against each other in the tournament. Top Bladers and online influencers from the United States and other parts of the world have been chosen for this digital event known as the Beyblade Burst Beymaster Invitational 2020.

What Is The Beyblade Burst Beymaster Invitational 2020?

credit: Hasbro (https://corporate.hasbro.com/)

Well, if you are still wondering what this is all about, I’ll break it down quickly right here. The Beyblade Burst Beymaster Invitational is Hasbro’s first ever digital Beyblade championship and it is by invitation only. The first of its kind happening this October.

12 Beybladers have been chosen by Hasbro from around the globe and they would be battling in the Beyblade Burst app. Competitors will battle in 4 stages a winner will be announced and crowned the 2020 champion!

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Here’s How to Watch the Beyblade Burst Championship

The event will take place on the 17th October 2020 at 9am EST right on Hasbro’s Facebook page.

On Saturday, October 24, 2020, the finals will take place and the winner will be crowned the Beymaster Invitational Champ! 12 people will compete in a four round championship and there’ll be eliminations for every round.

Here’s How You can Help the Contenders

As a Beyblade fan you can help bring back a participant so that they can move on to the semi-finals by casting your vote in the Beyblade Burst app. The winner – last Blader standing will be crowned BEYMASTER INVITATIONAL CHAMPION and be given $10,000 US dollars and a pre-release beyblade product.

You Can Also Vote!

Yes! You can also vote for your favorite out of all the contenders. Cool isn’t it? Here’s what you need to do in order to vote. Open the Beyblade burst app and a popup will tell you to select your favorite!

The one with the most votes out of all the contenders will be the “Fan Favorite” and they are also given the opportunity to move on to the Semi-finals even if they get knocked out in the first round.

Not sure what the beyblade burst app looks like? Check out this cool beyblade burst app video from our youtube channel below! We have created many beyblade burst app videos you may  find helpful be sure to check them out.

How to Prepare

Hasbro has explained that in order to prepare for the tournament, bladers can practice their skills with the new Beyblade Burst Hypersphere technology and Beystadiums shown below.

This is because these beystadiums are designed with a vertical wall and allows you to battle confidently and come out victorious! You can also download the beyblade burst app and join over 990 million online battles. The Beyblade burst app allows you test different top combinations so take advantage and have fun!


Hasbro’s first ever digital beyblade burst championship is coming up soon. Sounds exciting! Finally Hasbro has stepped up to have their first ever digital beyblade burst championship! The sad thing is that this event is by invitation only. It would be nice for all beybladers to be able to apply for such a remarkable event. However, we can all watch online and cheer the contenders on.

Are you excited about Hasbro’s first ever digital Beybade Championship coming up soon and will you be watching the tournament live? Please leave a comment below.



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