Are Beyblades Still Popular?

Whether you are familiar with Beyblades or just getting into beyblades, this post is going to open your eyes to some interesting facts about Beyblades including the techniques for launching these toys and upcoming tournaments for kids.

A little bit of Beyblade History

Apart from the fact that the inspiration for these cool spinning tops came from the Beyblade TV series,

it is also known that Beyblade spinning tops could be traced back to the traditional Japanese spinning tops called Beigoma.

This Beigoma toy was known to have been made out of sea shell, filled with sand and sealed with wax. It later evolved and the Beigoma was made with cast metal.

Can you see how the Beigoma look very much like Beyblades? !

It just shows that Beyblades have been around for a very long time. This takes us back to the question below…

Are Beyblades Still Popular?

Beyblades are not going anywhere…at least not anytime soon. Let me tell you a little story of what I encountered today.

I was at my kids’ school this morning and I saw 2 kids walking into the school. One was holding the stadium and the other had the Beyblades; with their backpacks right behind them of course! So at that sight, I smiled because it proved how much children love this special toy.

Even at home, my kids still play with their “Beys“, which is the short for Beyblade and they are now asking me to buy more!

A friend and I were talking a few days ago and we got talking about the games and toys my kids like. At the mention of Beyblade toys, she was surprised and asked me this question “are Beyblades still popular?” I’m sure you can only imagine that my answer was a big “Yes”.

Fast forward to today, I wish my friend was there with me this morning to see how cute the kids looked with the Bey and the stadium in their hands.

Now, if you want to confirm that Beyblades still exist, just go online and check Amazon or EBay or even Walmart; they still carry different types of this toy in their stores till date. There are also tons of YouTube videos on Beyblades which just proves that this brand has come to stay!

Toys R Us Tournaments Prove That Beyblades are Here To Stay

To buttress my point about the popularity of Beyblades, some Toys R US stores in Canada organize free annual Beyblade Tournaments for kids. They usually have the tournaments around this time. You can try to do a google search to see what comes up. I took my kids to the tournament that was organized last year and they had so much fun! Freebies such as Sunglasses were given out to those who participated.

Are you familiar with Beyblades?

Now I’m not going to assume that we all know what Beyblades are. You may also need need to know how to launch a Beyblade. Some kids are just getting to that age where they are old enough to play with Beyblades and you may be looking for helpful information about these sophisticated spinning toys.

In order to enjoy this game of Beyblading, you would need a Beyblade – which is the spinning top, remember that you will need the stadium, also known as the Beystadium and the rip cord. Some Beyblades do not come with rip cords though; just like the one I will get into in the next section.

Is my child too young to play with Beyblades?

I’ve heard a few parents talk about this but typically I would say from 6 years is good. My kids started playing with Beyblades at the age of 5 and they started with this Beyblade called – Beyblade Burst Master Kit Playset also known as Xcalius X1. This type of Beyblade is very easy to use and fast at the same time, keeping the kids entertained! Infact it keeps me entertained as well as I enjoy Beyblading with my kids. It comes with a string launcher that also has a belt clip and it comes with a Beyblade. Yes, you read that correctly, this launcher you see below, comes with a belt clip meaning your cute kid can clip the launcher to their pocket. Sounds cool right? Up until now, my kids still enjoy playing with this Beyblade amongst others that they have. If you have this set, the only item you need is the Beystadium; that is if you don’t have it already.

I still remember when I took this picture of Xcalius X1 some months back.

Now, you can also check out an introduction to Beyblades in one of my previous posts where I talked about what Beyblades really are and how to play with them. You can check it out; because that post combined with this post you are reading right now, will help you understand what Beyblades are about.

Now I am going to get into the techniques for launching Beyblades here.

Techniques for launching Beyblade tops

There are a number of techniques that can be used for launching the tops so as to get victory such as the sharpshooter techniques, shield technique to name a few. Only with practice, the kids can learn these techniques and use them to win their games.

In the sharpshooter technique, the player will launch the top directly at the opponent.

In the shield technique, the tops are launched at a very fast speed by aligning them with the arena wall. This will make the top launch at a high speed. All these features keep the kids engaged and occupied for a long period!

Other techniques include:

  • Aiming your Beyblade down at the Stadium – This can help you achieve a flower pattern
  • Aiming your Beyblade parallel to the Stadium floor – Depending on which type of Beyblade you have, You will either get the same result as “the shield technique” or achieve a flower pattern but if your beyblade is very heavy it may just stay near the center or maybe even in the center if the Beyblade Stadium!
  • Aiming your Beyblade up and away from the Stadium – This is really helpful, it can help you dodge your opponent’s first attack!

The 4 types of Beyblade tops

There are 4 types of Beyblade tops. I will list each one and describe them down below.

1.Attack Types:

Weight: Light

This type of Beyblade wins best against stamina types because they move quickly around the beystadium and are really light so they hit with a lot of power and can normally burst stamina type Beyblades! A good example is Buster Xcalibur.

Beyblade Burst Xcalius X4

2. Defense Types:

Weight: Heavy

This type of beyblade wins best against Attack types because they defend against them and is best at out-spining attack types and can push the attack types into the pocket! They tend to move slowly due to their heavy weight. Now when a defense type beyblade meets an Attack type Beyblade in a bttle they usually knock down the attack type Beys! An example is Emperor Forneus.

3. Stamina Types:

Weight: Medium

As their name implies, these Beyblades have long-lasting stamina and they win well against Defense types because they normally out-spin steady defense type beyblades. These type of Bey use their stamina to their advantage so when in battle they tend to last longer than other Beyblade types! An example is Deep Caynox C3 shown below.

4. Balance Types:

Weight: any! it could be light or heavy, but most of the time heavy

Balance types are very, very fascinating because they balance all 3 types and can decide which one they want to use to give themselves an advantage!!! Now here is what’s interesting about this type – in order to win, the Beyblades that fall into this category have a mixture of the characteristics of all the other 3 types discussed above! A combination of Attack, Defense and Stamina is required in this case so as to win. A great example is Legend Spryzen S3 shown below.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There is also a probability that a Beyblade is probably going to win. This is called an Advantage. And if a Beyblade is probably going to loose, they have a Disadvantage. All the advantages: Attack has an advantage against Stamina, Stamina has an advantage against Defense and Defense has an advantage against Attack. But remember: Just because a Beyblade is probably going to lose dosen’t mean that it will loose, It can still win!!! There are surprises while enjoying this game of Beyblading!

Why Kids Should Play with Beyblades.

Most kids won’t mind sitting in front of the screen all day playing games or watching videos. Instead of watching TV shows or YouTube programs for long periods of time, kids are able to develop social skills with peers while Beyblading. Beyblading makes kids interact and share ideas. It keeps them thinking and makes them work out strategies to ensure their Beyblade wins! It improves their motor skills and keeps them off the couch!


Well, it is obvious that Beyblades are not a thing of the past and are still very much present. Check out our complete guide to Beyblading for parents and beginners here. Boys and girls adore them and even adults! The fact that it reduces the time kids spend on screen is a plus!

Now let me put this out there, if you know a cute kid whose birthday will be coming up soon or you simply want to surprise him or her with something cool, I suggest you give them a beyblade! There are different types on Amazon and even in stores like Toys r Us or Walmart. You can also find advanced packs that are for 14 year olds on Amazon.

Are you surprised that Beyblades are still very much around or are you just discovering Beyblades for the first time? Please share your thoughts in the comments. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Are Beyblades Still Popular?”

  1. I have never heard of these Beyblades before. Great! They sure do sound very cool. They even look super cool! I love the part about Toys R Us having tournaments. This is a great idea. I think it’s something that would never go out of style so I really like you writing about this topic. Very neat! 

    • Hi Coralie, Beyblades are spinning tops that children play with in an arena called a stadium or Beystadium. The spinning tops collide in the stadium and the top that keeps spinning without stopping is declared the winner. The Beyblades come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Beyblades make great gifts for kids too! You can check out my post on “what are Beyblades?” to get a better idea of what these tops are all about including a bit of history about them. Thanks a lot for stopping by and learning something new.

  2. I’m definitely surprised that they are still around.  One would think they should have gone the way of pogs by now.  However, I guess it’s the right combination of simplicity, strategy, and luck that makes it interesting and keeps it around.  I definitely agree that it keeping kids off of phone and tablet screens is a good thing as it actually forces kids to interact with each other instead of just isolating themselves on their separate devices.

    • Hi Thomas, don’t be surprised. Beyblades are still popular! These sophisticated spinning tops are not going anywhere…atleast not anytime soon. Kids adore them, likewise adults including myself and the Beyblade manufacturers keep making new ones too! Kids can go on and on playing with these Beyblade toys and even engage in series of tournaments with friends and family! I definitely recommend this toy because it helps develop confidence in kids and makes them interact with people around them. Thanks for leaving a comment.


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