The 10 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids

Subscription boxes are well curated, special boxes filled with high quality items. These cute boxes can be delivered to you or the recipient. If you are looking for the best monthly subscription boxes for kids you have come to the right place!

You can decide to get just one box or simply subscribe!

The 10 brands I have mentioned below feature high quality and unique items your kids will love including limited edition toys you won’t find anywhere else, high quality crafts and so much more!

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The 10 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids

1. Unicorn Dream Box

Unicorn Dream Box

The Unicorn dream subscription box is full of wonderful surprises. All boxes feature different themes every month! The Unicorn dream subscription box makes a great birthday gift or even Christmas gift for all unicorn lovers.

There are 2 types of Unicorn subscription boxes:

1. Unicorn dream box comes with 6 to 9 items.

2. Deluxe box comes with 10 to 15 items.

What You Can Expect:

Unicorn plush toy

Unicorn Bag


Unicorn school supplies

Unicorn accessories and more!

Shipping: Unicorn boxes only ship within the United States and they ship in 1 to 2 days.

2. Bitsbox Subscription Box


If you have kids that enjoy coding or simply want to learn how to code, this Bitsbox subscription box is what they need!

This subscription box teaches kids how to make greeting cards, video games, simulations and so much more! Kids don’t need to have prior experience so this is great for beginners as well! Kids can build apps on bitsbox website.

What You Can Expect:

Each box comes with about 10 coding projects

New projects every month

Unlimited email support for coders

Shipping: they ship worldwide from the United States

3. Slime Box


The Slime box is great for slime lovers; so if you are the type that enjoys playing with slime, then this one’s for you! There are 3 options you can choose from.

What You Can Expect:

High quality slime that has been tested and approved

Slime box delivered to you monthly

Shipping: box ships monthly and only ships within the United States

4. Mermaid Kid Box

Mermaid Kid Box

The Mermaid Box is a wonderful monthly subscription box that’s great for the holidays! This would also make an amazing box for a mermaid “at heart”. New boxes are released every month!

There are 2 subscription box types for kids:

-Mermaid Kid Mail: comes with 4 to 5 items

-Mermaid Kid box: comes with 7 to 10 items

Also,  boxes for teens and adults are now available!

What You Can Expect:

Mermaid themed items including:




-Kids jewelry

-Sweets and so much more!

Shipping: they ship worldwide from the United States

5. The Preschool Box

The Preschool Box

The Preschool Box helps prepare your child for school! It encourages learning in kids between the ages of 3 and 6. This awesome box is packed with activities that aids child development including colors, writing, shapes, counting and more!

You have the option to choose whether you’re getting the box for 1 child, 2 children or 3!

No wonder this subscription box made it onto our list of the 10 best monthly subscription boxes for kids!

What You Can Expect

16 activities in every box

Book and stickers

Games and crafts

Parent Guide

Shipping: Ships within the United States and also ships to Canada

6. ComicCrate


The ComicCrate is a great subscription for readers and those who love comics! Excellent comic books featuring wonderful stories and high quality artwork are carefully selected. You can also choose a rating whether G, PG+ or Teen.

G rating: means comic with simple artwork and language. An example is Sonic the Hedgehog

PG+ rating: means comic with detailed work of art, slightly higher language than G rating, superhero violence. For example, Batman!

Teen rating: means advanced language, violence and detailed work of art. For example, X-Men

What You Can Expect:

6 brand new comics that match the rating you have requested are carefully selected

Shipping: only ships within the United States

7. Green Kid Crafts

Green Kid Crafts

The Green Kid Crafts subscription box is great for kids who enjoy science and craft! Every box has about 4 to 6 STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art and Math) activities. Makes great gift for ages 2 to 10and up!

What You Can Expect:

-Comes with all you need to complete 6 activities!

-12 page educational magazine with puzzles, book recommendations and games all related to the theme of the month.

Ships worldwide from the United States.

8. Toy Box Monthly

Toy Box Monthly

The Toy Box monthly subscription is exactly what it is…a box filled with awesome toys! It comes with different types of toys monthly for that special kid in your life and its great for kids 4 to 8 years of age.

Choose from 3 box types: Boys, Girls or Mixed!

They also have month to month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 month plans available

What to Expect:

-4 to 6 licensed toys are carefully selected for you

-Toys are from Hatchimals, Marvel, LEGO, Disney, Barbie and more!

Shipping: Only ships within the United States

9. We Craft Box

We Craft Box

This We Craft Box is an award-winning craft subscription box kids will love! This box is great for ages 3 to 9. Let your kids connect by getting creative and staying away from screen ….at least for a bit.

Unique boxes delivered monthly! Great subscription box for Christmas, Easter, Birthdays and all year round!

Kids can have something new and wonderful to look forward to every month.

What You Can Expect:

Craft activities with materials included.

Easy to follow directions with photos.

Shipping: Ships to Canada and also ships within the United States.

10. Why and Whale

Why and Whale


The Why and Whale subscription box is unique! Its an awesome box that comes monthly with limited edition items you won’t find in stores! The boxes are packed full with amazing goodies for your kids!

What You Can Expect:

Trending brands and products you won’t find in stores will be sent to you monthly!

Partner shop discounts monthly

Shipping: ships worldwide from the United States


These are the best monthly subscription boxes for kids! As I have explained in this post, they are fun boxes filled with high quality goodies! You can make subscription boxes a surprise for your kids or that special kid in your life every month!

The uniqueness and thought that goes into every box makes them a top pick. Subscription boxes make great gifts and are wonderful for every occasion; be it birthdays, Christmas gifts, Easter gifts and so much more!

Subscription boxes are also a great way to try out new brands that you may infact never find on your own!

Also, you can decide on a one time buy or simply subscribe and enjoy a surprise every month!

Hope you found this post helpful. If you have any questions, please leave them below.

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  1. Great article Beatty,

    Slime box delivered to you monthly, omg that’s like every child’s dream! I remember back then I used to save 20 cents a day and put it into my piggy bank so that I can withdraw them and buy some slimes, never knew someone actually made a business out of it, Slime Box is definitely a must for any kids. Guess I know what to get for Christmas!

    • Hi Riaz! The slime kit is awesome and yes every kid would love them! They smell good too and have cool names like “fruity pebbles”. I have to say these are amazing slimes. They are non toxic…although that doesn’t mean they are edible! The variety is awesome, each box is superfun and worth every subscription! Thanks for leaving a comment.


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