5 Best Craft Gifts for Kids

Doing craft activities with kids is a great way to spend quality time together. If you are struggling with finding time to plan fun and screen free activities to do as a family, We’ve listed the 5 best craft gifts for kids in this post and I can assure you that they would make life easier.

Craft kits will keep kids busy and will also make perfect gifts for nephews, nieces, cousins, neighbors, friends or that special kid in your life! Your kids will love creating fun crafts! Craft kits also boosts self – esteem in kids.

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5 Best Craft Gifts for Kids

1. Craft + Boogie

Craft + Boogie

If you are looking for a wonderfully curated craft box that’s engaging, the Craft and Boogie box is the one! The crafts that come in every box are well explained, which makes it easy and kids will have so much fun!

Craft and Boogie boxes are packed with fun activities and everything you need. In fact, there is a lot of activities in every box that will keep you busy throughout the month. You can either subscribe and receive the box monthly or just buy once.

This box only ships within the United States.

Why we love Craft and Boogie

– There’s a new day to celebrate each month; Thanksgiving, Independence day, National Honey bee day and more!

– Subscription boxes are available and also one time purchases. Great way to spend time with kids.

– You can order a kit for one child or 2!

– Each kit comes with 3 to 4 festive crafts, easy snack recipes to celebrate each month’s theme, activity pages, a themed Spotify playlist, you also get to celebrate each holiday when doing the activities and more!

– Craft and Boogie gives back! Every purchase helps fund craft kits for patients at children’s hospitals and kids in foster care.

Christmas boxes are shipping on the 1st of December so you just might want to order yours now!

2. Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Library Kit

This awesome Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Kit comes with excellent crafting supplies that will keep kids busy for months. It comes with an idea poster that has different pictures of crafts made from items in the box.

The box is filled with a variety of craft items including pipe cleaners, wooden objects, jewels, felt, pom poms, googly eyes, scissors, needles with thread, and more!
This will surely last for months!

Why we love Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Library Kit

– This kit is fully packed with all the supplies you need.

– Endless creations! Good value for money.

– Kids can enjoy making jewelry, scrap booking and crafting.

3. Creative Kids Air Dry Clay Modeling Crafts Kit

This pack comes with 30 colors and it shows you just how to mix colors in order to get the color you desire. It also comes with a book that you can follow in order to make cool projects.

The clay is easy to use. This pack also comes with googly eyes and key chains.

No subscription involved.

Why we love Creative Kids Air Dry Clay Modeling Crafts Kit

– This pack will keep kids playing for hours on end.

– The clay is lightweight and dries quickly.

– Clay holds up really well.

4. LEGO DOTS Bracelet Mega Pack

Kids can enjoy making Lego bracelets with this awesome mega pack! The bracelets are about 7″ long and they’ll make awesome gifts for arts and crafts lovers! kids can make different designs for themselves and even their friends. No wonder this awesome kit made it to our list of best craft gifts for kids!

No subscription involved.

This pack features 295 colorful tile and 5 adjustable toy jewelry bands.

Why we love Lego Dots Bracelet Mega Pack

– Bracelets are colorful and flexible.

– Fun Lego set that will last long and will also be great as gifts.

5. We Craft Box

We Craft Box

This We Craft Box  is an award-winning kid craft subscription box that also comes with all you need except a pair of scissors. Each month you get to receive something new.

Why we love the We Craft Box

– Materials are neatly packed.

– High quality items delivered to you monthly if you subscribe to receive kits monthly. You can cancel anytime.

– Comes with a themed story, easy to follow directions, 4 or more crafts and more!


So if your kid enjoys crafts or you simply love doing craft activities together as a family, these craft kits are simply the best craft gifts for kids and also for the family! You don’t have to wonder what to do anymore; these kits will make life easy. Craft kits give parents time to bond with art projects rather than with screen!

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