Top 15 Christmas Toys for Kids 9 to 11 Years in 2020


Top Christmas Toys for Kids

Welcome to our post on Top 15 Christmas Toys for Kids 9 to 11 Years. If you are looking for special gifts for your awesome kids, you have come to the right place!

Kids are cute and very smart! They love exploring the world around them and of course they love playing with toys!

If you are still thinking of what to get your kids for Halloween, we’ve got you covered right here!

Christmas is only a few days away and we’ve put together this awesome list of meaningful toys that would aid child development while kids have fun at the same time. Let’s dive right in!

Top 15 Christmas Toys for Kids 9 to 11 Years

1. Hot Wheels Spin Storm Track Set

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Kids will have tons of fun by playing with this awesome Hotwheel spin track set that can also be connected to other Hot Wheels track sets for even more fun! This is a high speed set with instant smashing action of the cars.

2. Singing Karaoke Machine

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This singing Karaoke machine would make an awesome Christmas gift for kids 9 to 11 years. It comes with built in speaker which gives off powerful sound, 54 LED disco lights and dimmer settings for control.

It also features Bluetooth for wireless digital audio streaming from compatible devices. The karaoke machine plays music CDs and CDs plus graphics. The cool thing is that kids can sing a duet with two wired microphone jacks that have separate controls for volume.

3. Melissa & Doug White Tiger

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This Melissa and Doug Giant lifelike white tiger with realistic details is everything a kid would love to have for Christmas. Made with soft fabric, kids would have multiple play options. They can have pretend play or they can simply use it as a decoration.

4. LilGadgets Kids Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with SharePort and Microphone

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This awesome headset is well-designed for kids of all ages! It features head bands and ear pads covered with breathable mesh material, Bluetooth wireless headphones with built-in microphone.

It also comes with a USB charging cable and a micro fibre traveling bag which makes it easy for transportation!

A portion of every purchase goes towards bully awareness and prevention in schools and they are also into minimizing environmental impact through waste reduction and water cleaning projects.

5. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Starter Rock Tumbler Kit

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This National Geographic kit will make an awesome toy for kids who enjoy collecting rocks of different shapes and sizes. The kit comes with a learning guide, 9 types of gemstones, 4 polishing grits, a sifter, tumbler and more! Also, comes with a 2-year warranty.

6. Thames & Kosmos Master Detective Toolkit

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This will make an awesome Christmas gift for kids who love role-play and those that also enjoy watching detective TV shows!

This kit comes with a book that guides their investigations with step by step instructions. They can learn about securing a crime scene and how to gather and document evidence such as footprint.

7. North Star Games Evolution Board Game

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This will make a great toy for who ever loves wildlife. What makes this game so much fun is that no game will ever be the same so you can play over and over again without getting bored!

The goal is to survive in an ever-changing ecosystem where there’s scarcity of food and predators. Earn points for increasing the population, feeding your species and more!

8. Super Spirograph 75-piece Jumbo Kit

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The Spirograph is a fantastic way to get your kids off screen. It is also great for creativity and critical thinking. Kids can create wonderful patterns and shapes.

The set comes with 2 Spirograph Precision Rings, 2 Spirograph Precision Racks, 1 Special Edition 50th Anniversary Die-Cast Spirograph Wheel, 21 Spirograph Precision Wheels, 31 oz(9g) Reusable SpiroPutty, two 25-Page Design Pads, 3 Design Pens, 24-Page Design Guide Book, 1 Carry-Along Storage Case with Built-In Work Surface and more!

9. Be Amazing! Toys Big Bag of Science

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Kids who love science and experiments would enjoy playing with this awesome kit that comes with over 60 easy to do experiments.

This kit also comes with pipettes, petri dishes, test tubes you need to carry out the experiments but you may need to provide water and a few other things. Kids can create insta snow, a tornado in bottle and more!

10. Pictopia-Family Trivia Game

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This awesome Pictopia box comes with an instruction manual, 30 wager cards, a game board, 6 movers, 200 trivia cards and 1 die.

This wonderful trivia game is great for 2 to 6 players and also great for families that love playing games together. To play this game, players take turns by asking a question.

Others have to answer the question correctly and whoever gives the right answer can advance their mover. The first to get to the castle space wins!

11. LEGO Minecraft The Cave

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Kids who love playing minecraft on Xbox or kids who enjoy building Lego would appreciate this awesome Lego Minecraft that has 249 Lego pieces.

The box comes with wonderful accessories and 2 mini figures. You can also combine this set with other Lego pieces you already have for even more fun!

12. Lionel The Polar Express Battery-powered Model Train Set with Remote

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The polar express would make a wonderful toy for train lovers! It comes with 8 straight track pieces, 24 curved pieces, 3 train cars, a headlight and a remote control!

This awesome train requires 6 C cell batteries for the train and AAA batteries for the controller.

13. Makey Makey an Invention Kit for Everyone from JoyLabz

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Kids can get creative by turning playdough, gummy worms, pie tins into Keyboard or game controllers. This is hands on and improves critical thinking skills.

Very easy to set up by just plugging, clipping and then playing it! Kids do not need any knowledge of coding and you don’t have to worry about installing a software because it works with chrome book, windows, and Mac!

14. Operation Electronic Board Game With Cards

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This will make a great board game for kids. Players can be the “doctor” This awesome board game features a buzzer and a flashing nose when the player touches the sides with the tweezers.

The goal is to remove the patient’s “ailments” with the tweezers. Comes with specialist cards and doctor cards!

15. Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

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This awesome Chess board will be great for Harry Potter fans and also kids that love playing Chess! The game of chess also brings family and friends together. This board game comes with chess pieces as soon in the picture above and a chess board.


Our post about top Christmas Toys for Kids that are between 9 and 11 years of age has come just in time so you can plan ahead for the Holidays! You can also check out our post on Best Halloween Toys for Kids.

We love all the toys on this awesome post of gifts for our dear kids! Which of these would you pick as gifts for the cute kid in your life? Please leave a comment below.




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