Geometry Dash Levels – What You Need To Know

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Geometry Dash is Now Hotter Than Ever!

Geometry Dash is a video gaming platform developed by Robert Topala a developer based in Sweden. Popularly referred to in the online gaming world as Robtop Games, Geometry Dash is a fast paced game where you have to jump in order to avoid objects you meet along the way.

Geometry dash games are very popular and I have to say they are rocking the charts with these sophisticated games. This game can be very addictive. It came in second place for top paid arcade on play store.

The technique for playing Geometry Dash Levels is straightforward and simple. You simply have to tap to jump, fly and flip your way through obstacles.


Geometry Dash is a series of 5 video games (Geometry dash full version, Geometry dash lite, Geometry Dash Sub Zero, Geometry Dashworld and Geometry dashmeltdown) published by RobTop games.

The latest is the Sub Zero version but it has less features than the full version. These video games have official main levels and also have over 40 million levels online created by players.

The cool thing about Geometry Dash is that every level has its own unique background music. Secret coins, Level Editor, user – created levels, map packs, three shops and secret vaults are other great features associated with this online video game.

When a player presses anywhere on the touchscreen, you control different game modes. If you hold in a game mode called cube, then you do consecutive jumps. The speed at which the icon is moving can’t be controlled but can only be changed by touching a set of speed changing arrows but in a user created level it can be controlled.

The music playing in the background when the game is being played also makes the experience more fun for players!


There are also different difficulties as well as lengths for levels.

Difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, Harder and Demon ( A demon can take 100 to 25,000 attempts!)

Lengths: Tiny, Short, Medium, Long and XL/Extra Long

What you really want to achieve in this game is to complete a level by reaching the very end! If a player runs into an obstacle such a player will have to start from the beginning. The longer you stay in level without going back to the beginning, the harder the level gets!


A little after halfway through the level is the hardest part on most levels. If you don’t want to go back to the beginning, then you can use practice mode which saves checkpoints for you along the way! You can play all levels in the game which can be played in no particular order; the only exception is the 3 demon levels in the full version.

In each main level the player can collect 3 secret coins along the way. These coins are scattered in hidden areas or in difficult spots.

If a level is completed, the player is rewarded with Mana orbs. These can be used to purchase icons, trails and colors for your icon in the shops or even death effects. The player is also rewarded with a new icon if a level is completed, and if it is completed in practice mode, the player is rewarded with a color for their icon.


Check out our tutorial for Geometry Dash on our channel below:

Video Tutorial:


You can download Geometry dash Free online

If you are new to geometry dash, try searching for words like “download geometry dash free’, or Geometry Dash free full version or geometry dash online or simply type GamersPlanetForYou into the google search bar and it will take you directly to our YouTube channel where you can see what geometry dash is all about. If you want to play Geometry Dash on your computer, then search for ‘play geometry dash pc, or geometry dash free full version.

You can also search for Geometry Dash Steam by simply going to google and typing it on the top bar.


Geometry Dash Levels

Main levels

There are 21 official levels in Geometry Dash out of which you the player can play 18 of these levels right from the start. The good thing about every level is that once a level is completed, you get rewarded. There are 3 secret coins in every official level, making it 63 (21 official levels multiplied by 3 = 63) altogether! Cool stuff right?

What are these secret coins used for?

Well, the secret coins help you unlock 3 demon levels: These include:

1.) 10 Unlock Clubstep

2.) 20 unlock theory of everything 2

3.) 30 unlock deadlocked

Levels range from easy to challenging

Some levels are quite easy to beat while some levels can be very challenging, hence the player would have to attempt such levels hundreds or thousands of times to emerge as the winner – but hey that’s where the fun lies! Classification of levels are from Easy to Demon.

Did you know that you can create your own geometry dash level?

Online levels can even be more difficult to beat than official levels. This has been proven times without number by creators of these online levels. Yes! A person who enjoys playing Geometry Dash can create his own online level and have his online friends play the level or levels they have created. This is why this online game is so interesting and fun!

You get to put your own creativity into it by developing your own geometry dash levels within the geometry dash platform! Check out one of our live streams below and see how we take level requests from our subscribers.

Sit back relax and enjoy 🙂 this video below:

The Latest version

This online game is constantly being updated with new versions for fans to look forward to. The latest version right now is 2.11.

Version 2.2 will be coming out soon…can’t wait to see………

Content on the Geometry Dash website is constantly being updated so if you are unsure of the latest version, you can always check back here to see.

When playing, the level of difficulty is represented by the stars as well as the number of stars a player gets when a level is completed. It is important to also point out that you get more stars with official levels than the custom levels.

There is a practice mode that can be used for any level of Geometry Dash; the great thing is that in this mode, there are checkpoints available. This allows the player to restart at certain points instead of going back to the beginning. Green diamond shaped gems are used to represent the checkpoints.

Custom levels or User created levels

This game also has custom levels apart from the 21 official levels; but the player must have the geometry dash full version in order to have access to the custom levels. Objects that make this game more interesting for players include rings, spikes, blocks, portals and coins.

In order to make sure that a level is possible to beat, it is important for a player to complete their own level with the coins in normal mode.

Verifying a level can be achieved in separate attempts. Here is the catch though – any from of change or changes made to that level will render it unverified. Levels can have music already in the game or you can get custom music from Newgrounds.

Newgrounds – A place on google that helps you to find more music for your level if you don’t like the soundtracks that are already in the game.

Every level created by a user has its own unique ID (identity), the older the level the lower the ID. This means that you don’t have to search for the name of the game. Simply type the ID and start playing right away!

The similarity between levels created by the user and the official level is the fact that they are classed by level of difficulty and this can be decided by the players or Rob Top.

Official levels can be played online and offline while user created levels can be played online. To play user created levels offline, it would have to be downloaded.

Geometry Dash Soundtrack – Makes it Super Interesting!

The cool music in the background is a huge bonus for players. Apart from the frustration you may experience at one point or the other while playing which I think is normal when playing any online game, one of the best things about this game is the amazing music. Google “all geometry dash songs” and listen to all the songs, enjoy them all…because I do!

Get Rewarded As You Advance

Players get rewarded while enjoying geometry dash. Players can be rewarded with trails and icons and stars and even on completion of certain official levels.

A Vault

There are 3 secret vaults that can be unlocked in Geometry dash. The first vault can be unlocked by collecting coins from user created levels, the second can be unlocked by collecting 50 diamonds and the third vault can be unlocked with a token from the treasure room.

My Thoughts

Geometry dash is a great game! If you are new or if your child is new to this game, let them start with “easy levels”. When they start getting better, especially when they beat stereo madness (the name of the first main official level) or back on track (the second official level), then they can advance to the next levels (polargeist and dry out) referred to as “normal”.

Hard levels such as Base after Base require more skill because they have more memorization and spikes. The game gets more challenging as they advance to higher levels.

Where to Get Geometry Dash

You can search for and get Geometry Dash on mobile on Play Store or App Store and if you want it on your Computer then try downloading an app called steam and searching and downloading it there!

Feel free to check out geometry dash apps here!

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  1. This game does sound like it is fun. Do you know what the rating is on the game? E for everyone, teens? Where is this game sold? Do you just download it? Can it be played on Xbox. Sorry, I have lots of questions since it sounds like a great game for my son.

    • It sure is a fun game Marla and the music in the background is great! According to the google play store, Geometry dash is rated E for everyone but on it is rated 8+. I personally believe this game is great for everyone. Geometry dash is an online video game so you can download the game on your mobile (phone, tablet, ipad, samsung, apple and ios) from play store (it costs $2.39 on play store) and if you are going to be playing from your computer, then you would need to create an account on steam.

      Here is the link to the play store:

      The link to steam is:
      After creating an account on steam, you download it and you would be able to buy geometry dash. On steam it costs $4.49. I tried it on xbox and it didn’t work. Geometry dash is very interesting. Thanks for your comment. If you have more questions, please feel free to leave them here. You can also check out our channel to get a feel of Geometry Dash:

  2. This looks like such a fun game! I know you said kids can play, but I just wanted to make sure which age range is this game good for? I have an 11 year old and a 13 year old. Do you think this would be a good game for them? (If not, I bet I would enjoy it! hehe)

    • Hi Christina, on it is rated 8+ but I strongly believe this game is great for everyone so definitely your 11 and 13 year old will definitley have so much fun with this game. Geometry dash is a great online video game! It is also kind of similar to Mario (if you are familliar with it) but more advanced than Mario! Thanks for leaving a comment.

  3. My son is 8 and likes playing games on his PC. This game sounds like a lot of fun so I’m definitely going to show him this game. I might have missed it but does this game allow you to save progress for the next time you come back? I think you’ve explained this game beautifully and I like the visuals given.
    My son already has Steam downloaded and it is a great platform for gaming.

    • Hi Jeffrey, geometry dash is a lot of fun! Yes this game allows you save progress so that you can continue where you stopped. It actually automatically saves so that you can play it again but if you want to play on a different device then you have to save and load it on the other device. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. This game looks great and is exactly the type of game I would like to play and probably get addicted to.
    I’m definitely going to be looking it up now and downloaded it. I’ll probably end up getting it on my phone and laptop. I use a few different games on both my phone and laptop. I like it because you have to play it differently as the phone is touchscreen and laptop uses buttons.
    I think I will get my 9 yr old son playing it too although I have a feeling he’ll be better at it then me, like he is at most games we play against each other.


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