Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Review – Comfortable Headset and Amazing Sound

Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Review

Product: Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2nd Generation) Premium Gaming Headset

Series: MMX 300

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Headphone frequency response : 5 – 35,000 Hz

Dimensions of Product: 3 x 3 x 6 inches

Weight: 1 pound

Guaranty: 2 years warranty

My ratings: 9.8 out of 10


The Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Headset, Product Overview

Welcome to my post about the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Review.

Now have you had any horrible experiences with headsets or headphones? From heavy weight headsets that weigh your ears down, to those that make your ears hot and sweaty and eventually leave your ears bruised! There are also some headsets such that when you tilt your head forward or even backward….just a little bit – they fall off! Why? Because they are too heavy and not comfortable at all!

If you have experienced any of these or know someone who has, this post is for you because the Beyerdynamic MMX300 headset exceeds expectations! This headset also works with all kinds of devices which I think is kind of neat!

We carried out a lot of research before putting this post together so that this review can serve as a proper guide for you and it would also help you determine if this headset is for you.

A little bit of History

Beyerdynamic products are high quality products made in Germany. The manufacturers produce high end products including conference systems, microphones and of course headsets! The company was founded in the early 1900s in Berlin. The German manufacturer is known more for their ‘audiophile equipment.’

Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Review!

The Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2nd generation) Headset is the ultimate headset for gaming, voice over IP applications and multimedia. It comes with 2 cables that you can use for different purposes. It is a versatile headset that can be used for virtually almost everything.

Did you know?

This Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Headset 2nd generation was designed originally for the aviation industry! However, it has now been upgraded for serious gaming. That’s pretty neat. Isn’t it?

The technology behind the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2nd generation) Headset is based on that method which was used to develop the reliable HS 400 aviation headset.

Complete undisturbed enjoyment of your game is guaranteed thanks to the closed design coupled with maximum comfort derived from the replaceable headband pads and ear pads.


To crown it all, you need not worry about noisy environments because the crystal clear noise canceling microphone will make you experience intelligible and accurate voice transmission no matter how loud it is.


The Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Headset is designed to be used for several years to come. By the time you finish reading the post, you would agree with me that the Beyerdynamic headset is the best gaming headset out there given the quality of the sound among other great features that this headset possesses.

It is an expensive headset for sure, but the gaming experience is amazing!

Another cool thing about this headset is its ability to block out noise despite its lightweight. You need that passive isolation if you want to enjoy a good game and this headset will do just that. This headset has very high quality microphone combined with audiophile quality sound.

Majority of wired headsets normally fall between $40 and $200 and we have tried different types of headsets – wired and wireless for playing games like Fortnite and Forza Motorsport 7.

It is no surprise though that the Beyerdynamic headset MMX300 goes for close to $300 given its amazing features. The manufacturers did a very good job by making this high end product stand up to its name. The headphone and microphone quality are outstanding.


A.) 2 cables with inline remote:

– one 3.9 ft or 1.2m long cable for use with consoles

– one 8.2 ft or 2.5m long cable for use with a PC

B.) Integrated cable remote has the following features: volume control, microphone mute, media control, call acceptance, temporary mute button

C.) Silky soft ear pads that make the headset comfortable on the ears for many hours

D.) High quality microphone capsule

E.) 6.35mm Jack adapter





F.) The Highest sound for multimedia applications and gaming on console and PC.

G.) Great for noisy environments, marathon gaming and tournaments.

H.) Works perfectly with XBOX, PS4 and PC.

9.) Fantastic for late night gaming.


1. Compatibility

The cool thing about this wired headset is that it is compatible with all types of gaming consoles and also great for all multi media and gaming applications.

2. Comfortable on the ears

The headset is ergonomically designed to wrap around the ears perfectly. When gaming you want to relax and enjoy the gaming experience and not worry or even think about the weight of the head set.

I have purchased some headsets in the past that actually fall off the ears because they are too heavy. Some have even bruised my ears.

This is one thing that sets the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Headset apart from other types! The ear cups are well cushioned and breathable; they won’t leave your ears all sweaty.

Although it is not advisable to sit in front of the screen for long periods of time…if you are they type that plays console or PC for extended periods, then I recommend this MMX300 headset for you.

3. Weight

The headset is lightweight and only weighs 1 pound; meaning you can leave the headset on for long periods without hurting your ears. The lightweight also helps keep the headset lightly on the ears and does not weigh them down. When worn, you’ll notice how the weight is distributed evenly, make it feel super comfy!

4. Sound

Extremely well-balanced sound should be the middle names of this headset because it would not pierce your ears. If you enjoy listening to music, this headset is also good for you. The experience is great during gaming as you can hear footsteps of the enemy clearly.

You can actually pinpoint what direction your enemy is coming from! In fact the engineering and design of this headset is out of this world! You can actually differentiate one sound from the other and all sounds don’t run together which is great!

People can hear you clearly which is also a plus. Don’t be surprised when your friends tell you that you sound as if you’re sitting right next to them.

When you listen to music with this headset you can actually hear the different types of instruments and background singers that some headsets may not be able to pick up. The music notes are crystal clear, the bass is not overwhelming but great!

This headset will keep you one step ahead of the game because the sound is clear. You will always be ahead since you can hear more than everyone else.

5. Discord ready headset

Try hopping on discord with your friends and you would see how quickly they will notice the difference in the quality of this headset.

6. Noise Isolating

These headset blocks out the noise, since they are closed back so it also is great for noisy environments and fantastic for intense gaming.

7. Microphone

The microphone is of high quality – ensuring your voice is clear at all times. When not in use, the microphone can easily rotate and move out-of-the-way. It also comes with a filter.

 8. Voice transmission

The voice transmission is awesome thanks to the microphone’s polar appearance.

9. Stylish

Now some may say that this headset is not stylish because it is just black. Its just like that cute black dress or suit you have and only wear to special occasions. The black color actually makes it look very stylish, there are no flashy lights on it. Now really these headsets may not look expensive but they function very well and that is all that really matters if you agree with me.

Would you rather have functioning headsets that let you experience gaming the way you should or otherwise? I know I would pick functionality over any other thing.

If you are wondering whether you can take phone calls with this headset, the answer is yes. The boom mic on the headset is great as it aids clear voice transmission. The push button on the cable will enable you receive and end calls with ease.


1. Microphone is not removable – but can stay out-of-the-way so this is good enough.

2. To ensure the headset is working well, you may need to push the cable into the headset. When you do this, make sure to push it all the way inside. This headset has a very tight fit which is also a good thing.


Here is a video on the Beyerdynamic MMX300 Second generation Headset

The Difference Between the MMX 300 1ST and 2ND Generation

Now some people feel that maybe there really was no need for the headset to be upgraded from 1st generation to 2nd generation but I tell you what – improvements were made in 3 major areas in order to arrive at the MMX 300 2nd generation headset.

The MMX 300 second generation comes with a solid transport case which gives you peace of mind that the product will arrive in excellent condition and not appear like something that fell off the back of a truck!

It comes in a superior quality matte black design

The MMX 300 (second generation) has a connecting cord with integrated remote control. The connecting cord is detachable. The remote control has great features including – volume control, muting the microphone, media control and call pick up.

The MMX 300 headset can be used with a PC and also for gaming on console and notebooks! Thanks to its 2 cables.

How to Set up Your Beyerdynamic MMX300 (2nd Generation Headset)

– Note that the microphone is on the left side, so wear the headset on your head.

– The 2 ends of the headband have equal length this ensures it fits well.

– Adjust the headband by ensuring it sits well over your head and make sure you cover your eyes completely with the ear pads.

– Ensure you position the headset to the middle of your mouth; that way those you’re talking to can hear you.

– Use the microphone with a pop filter or pop shield, this would help minimize or eliminate sounds like moving air. Pop filters can also prolong the life of the microphone because without them, saliva can accumulate on the microphone thereby damaging it. Just ensure that the pop filter completely covers the microphone.


Cleaning Up is Easy As A, B,C!

Now it is very important to keep your Beyerdynamic MMX300 headset clean since it will be close to your body during use. The headband and ear pads must be kept neat and clean. Simply use a damp cloth ( make sure that water does not drip on the headset) for cleaning.

As for the pop filter or shield, you can wash gently with warm water. If it is really dirty, take a drop or 2 of washing up liquid and wash. Ensure the pop shield is dry before putting it on your microphone.

If your Microphone does not work, What can you do?

Imagine this scenario…your MMX300 Beyerdynamics headset just arrived by post. On opening the package and testing it out, the microphone does not work?? Don’t panic! If this happens, here’s what you should do.

The first thing you should do is to ensure that the MMX 300 connecting cord is completely plugged into the headset by pushing them in firmly. What you need to do is remove the connecting plug and push firmly into the socket.

Please do not use the 6.35 mm jack adapter in combination with the 4-pin 1.2 m jack cable. This adapter should only be used on the 3-pin headphone jack plug of the 2.5 m cable for PC.

Another reason why it does not work may be due to settings on the software. It could also be hardware defect either on the microphone or damaged microphone (this rarely happens though as the error rate is super low and the manufacturer ensures that the headsets are well packaged).

If all the above does not help, you can check with other headsets you have work with the sound card. You can also try to connect the MMX300 headset to a mobile device to see if the microphone will work.

Your Ear Pads Need Replacement. How Do You Change them?

Now, lets say for some reason you need to change the ear pads. Here’s what you should do:

The old ear pads should be pulled up. Take them out from the ear cups; after that attach the new ones.

If the Headband Pad is worn, how do you change it?

Well, no need to worry. You can change it yourself. Just be careful not to damage the cable. First, from the headband open the Velcro and take out the padding. Once out, replace with the new pad. You can do this by gently spreading the headphones out and apart. Then close the central Velcro fastening and the outer two.


Safety is key when wearing your headset. There are three major things to keep in mind:

1. Volume: Ensure that you have turned down the volume to minimum when connecting headsets. Once the headphones are in place, you can then adjust the volume.

2. Listening: we don’t want to get carried away when enjoy games or music, so it is important to point out that over time listening at very high volumes may damage hearing. Hence, try to lower the volume at all times. Alternatively, you can keep this in mind – the lower the volume, the longer the time of listening or the higher the volume, the shorter the time of listening.

3. Sharp movements: avoid quick movements when wearing wired headphones so you don’t injure or bruise yourself most especially if you wear glasses or earrings since they can get trapped in the wire.

Disposing of your old headset

Headphones are made of different materials which makes the recycling process a bit complicated. The symbol of the bin in your instructions manual with an ‘x’ on top indicates that your old headphones which happens to fall under the category of “electronic waste” must be disposed of separately at the end of its life. If you are unsure how to safely dispose of your old headphones, contact your local authority and they will be able to assist. You can also check out our post on how to recycle electronic waste for helpful tips.

Now before you dispose of old headsets or headphones or even any type of electronics in general, see if you can reuse it by donating it or giving it to charity.

In Conclusion, the Beyerdynamics MMX300 Headset Rocks!

This headset is as soft as pillow on the ears – very gentle on the ears. If you are looking for a very high quality headset that’s high tech for your ears, with amazing sound quality, great for gaming and also for music then you will be happy with the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 second generation headset. Professional gamers love this headset too.

I highly recommend that you pick up your own Beyerdynamic MMX300 headset especially if you are willing to spend a bit more for a high quality headset that would last for a very long time to come. Computer shops carry them but if you are an online shopper like me, Amazon has the best offer as they are currently on sale. See what real people are saying  about this headset.

I hope you like this review and if you have any questions about the Beyerdynamic MMX300 headset or want to leave your personal review leave a comment below.


Beyerdynamic MMX 300


Quality Headset







  • Comfortable Headset
  • Quality Sound
  • Lightweight


  • Microphone is not removable

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  1. Oh thank you for reviewing this Byerdynamic headset. My old headset, Logitech G, has worn out and I rarely use it again. I’m thinking to buy a new headset for multi purpose media, not only for gaming but also for music and movie listening. Is there any way to plug this headset to console such as PS4 os Switch? Thanks for your information

    • Hi Alblue, the Beyerdynamix MMX 300 Headset is great for music, movie and gaming. The headset comes with 2 cables – one 3.9 ft or 1.2m long cable for use with consoles and one 8.2 ft or 2.5m long cable for use with a PC.
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  2. Wow, I absolutely love the look of these. This is a wonderful article. The Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2nd generation) Handset is the ultimate headset for gaming, voice over IP applications and multimedia. It comes with 2 cables that you can use for different purposes. It is a unique shape & smart design. The highest sound for multimedia applications and gaming on console and PC. Great for noisy environments, fantastic for late night gaming. It’s a lucrative headset. Is there any way to plug this headset to console such as PS4 os switch?

    Thank for your information.

    • Hi Nasrin, the Beyerdynamics headset is indeed  one of the best headsets out there that can serve many purposes. Please note that the headset comes with 2 cables; one 3.9 ft or 1.2m long cable for use with consoles and one 8.2 ft or 2.5m long cable for use with a PC. If you have any other question, please let me know and I would be happy to help. Thank you.


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