Lego Hidden Side Set – Newbury Haunted High School Building Kit, School Playset Review

LEGO Hidden Side Set Review

Product: LEGO Hidden Side Newbury Haunted High School Building Kit, School Playset (1,474 pieces)

Dimensions: 22.9 x 14.9 x 3.4 inches

Weight: 2.2 Pounds

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Age: 9+ boys and girls

My ratings: 9.9 out of 10

Product Overview – LEGO Hidden Side Newbury Haunted High School Building Kit, School Playset


I am so excited to review this Lego Hidden side Set because it introduces a new interactive way for kids to play with this Lego Playset and also use a game app at the same time.

The experience is so worth it especially for older kids. Kids will love to build and play! This set is packed with ghost hunting so kids (9+) and even parents will have tons of fun. To make the Lego models come alive, simply scan with a phone and see how wonderful things happen with the app.

Now its not compulsory to use the app. Kids can build the Lego set and just use their imagination to role play but if you’re thinking of taking this to the next level, then you can proceed and use the app.

The Newbury Hidden Side Lego Set comes with a 300 page manual but the good thing is that there are lots of pictures in there that will help you as you build this set and once you’re done building you’ll see that this set is awesome!

Kids will have so much fun with this kit and go on a memorable ghost hunting adventure with this playset that comes with Jack, Parker, Mr. Clarke, Wade, Paola, Diego Diaz and Rosa Davids mini-figures, Spencer the ghost dog and more all great for role playing. It also comes with unique items like brick separator, excellent theme elements like claws and eyes, bat on the roof, skeleton and a creepy spider.

This playset is ideal for kids aged 9 and above and this is obvious that it would suit this age group because of the number of Lego pieces in this pack. You would also need to read the instructions in the app in order to know how to use it.


Lego Hidden Side Newbury Haunted High School Video

Now watch the video of the Hidden Side Newbury Haunted High School Set below.




  • New play experience

Exciting new way to play with LEGO toys by combining a LEGO model with a game app for a fully interactive experience. You can unlock the boss ghost Mr. Nibbs! You can also combine physical play with digital and play for hours.

It combines physical play with digital play for a unique experience. The augmented realty is fantastic! Just download the app and point your phone at the haunted Newbury school set you have built; now watch things come alive.

  • Imaginative play

Excellent for imaginative play. There are  1474 Lego pieces in this set and it comes with 8 mini – figures. The interior features a bathroom, lab, chemistry room and bell tower.


The digital side may be a bit confusing for younger kids; hence 9+ is recommended.

Some Characters in Newbury


Parker L. Jackson

Parker L. Jackson is hard to impress and has lived with her parents in Newbury for 13 years. She also likes to keep to herself and she always felt there was something not right about Newbury… so she decided to uncover the secrets as to why the town was being haunted!



Not only humans are ghosts…Yes that’s Spencer the ghost! Jack was Spencer’s best friend before he lost him in an accident. The good news is that due to the haunting in town, Spencer is now back… but as a ghost! He can be distracted by bacon but he’s still very loyal to Jack.







J.B as you can tell from her looks; has excellent mechanical, scientific and technical skills. From ghost hunting to hunting gear and everything in between leave it to J.B to figure it out.



What you can do with the app

1. Look for ghosts and catch them

Once you’ve built the model by putting the Lego pieces together, the app would enable you look around for ghosts that may be floating around. Objects come alive when kids interact with this Newbury school model. This Lego Hidden Set opens a whole new world of possibilities and fun – kids can look for cool objects, they can look for ghosts haunting the school and defeat them, battle ghosts and solve mysteries.

2. Mystery solving

The app can turn the school into a bigger one that is possessed plus you also get to look for clues and solve mysteries.


Using the App

It is important to read the instructions thoroughly in order to get a good understanding of how the app works.


A tablet or phone is required in order to gain access to the Augmented realty portion of this playset. It is not compulsory to access the app in order to have a great experience with this Lego set because you  will still have a lot of fun whether you use the app or not.

On the other hand, the app will let you unlock another level which is unique to the hidden side playset. The app has clear instructions and stunning graphics. Now, there are different ways you can play you can decide to play as a ghost haunting the entire Newbury town or choose to play as a ghost hunter.

Playing As a Ghost Hunter

In order to be able to hunt, the first thing to do is build the Lego set, then download the lego app on your smartphone and the heroes Park Davids and Parker L. Jackson will come alive. The app will walk you through the process of picking the set you want and it also ensures you have set it up correctly.

Once you’ve set it up and are now playing, you get helpful hints as you go on. If you get to a point where you feel lost, check the screen for green arrows and instructions that will point you in the right direction and also show you how to complete the task.

This game runs smoothly with awesome graphics and the effects are great. The app also gives it a sophisticated touch as it makes it more fun while playing.

Once you’ve built the Lego, you would need to open the app and hold your phone up to the toy and start tracking and catching ghosts! You can download the app on Android or Apple iOS. Older kids from 9 and above would be able to do this easily. The Newbury Haunted High School Playset is the most interactive and largest of all the Lego hidden side sets.

If you look at the quality, and cost per piece as well as the overall experience you would agree that this is of great value. The only thing though I suggest is that you can let children just play with the toy without the app at first. That way, they can just use their imagination for a while and then you can use the app after a while.



The Lego Hidden Side set is a new innovative Lego theme with interactive elements that would make a wonderful gift for kids and I highly recommend you get your Playset. The Newbury High School Hidden side set is great for any occasion including Halloween ….of course. Kids can build “their own school toy” for hours.

If you are a Lego fan,  just like Hidden side Lego sets, love haunting and capturing ghosts or…you simply just love the idea, then this will be a great set for you. If you’re looking for something with a unique spin that takes Lego into the digital age this is also for you.

You can make family time special because this Newbury Hidden side set will make it fun and exciting not just for kids but for adults too. You might also want to check out this post. Have fun building!

I hope you found this review helpful. Please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.



Lego Hidden Side Set Newbury HighSchool Kit Playset






Value for Money



  • Fantastic Augmented Realty Experience
  • Fun to build and play with
  • Well designed Lego


  • App may be difficult to use for younger kids

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